It’s true that ‘dreams don’t let you sleep.’ When you want something with all your heart, you never stop working for it. All you have to do is take a step forward, step out of your comfort zone and the universe shows you how to get it. The stars start encouraging you to seek out opportunities to learn. If you begin that search, take the effort of stepping out of your comfort zone, you’ll find assistance and guidance in unexpected places. We attract into our lives whatever we focus on. If you focus on positivity, you attract all good and happy things into your life. This is what we call the Law of Attraction. I strongly believe in this. It happens with all of us.  The Law of Attraction uses the power of the mind to translate whatever is in our thoughts and materialize them into reality. In basic terms, all thoughts turn into things eventually.

Nothing we feel or no one we meet is a mere coincidence. It all happens for a reason. Everything that is happening to us right now has a meaning to it. We’re attracting all these things through our thoughts. If you keep thinking that you will fall sick, you will eventually fall sick. That’s why what you think is so important. There were times when I didn’t want to work on this blog, I just gave up and I didn’t know how to get back those positive thoughts and that’s when horoscope helped me a lot. I believe in these magical stars. I’ve been told by people that they find even the thought of ‘some alignment of the star at your birth defining you’funny, but for me, it means something much deeper. I follow my horoscope daily. So, it was when my horoscope started indicating me that something about my life had to be changed. I did not fit with my life and ‘happiness happens when you fit with your life when you fit so harmoniously that whatever you are doing is joy. When things distract you that simply shows that you are not really interested in those things.’ I wasn’t happy with what I was doing and this realization finally hit me. I wasn’t interested in accountancy and law. Even during those classes, I used to think about branching out into something new such as exploring a talent or an interest. I started listing out all the things that I am ardent about. The first thing that came into my mind was Fashion and Stylingand how much I love experimenting with my clothes and dressing up. The next was Modelling, this is genetic. My parents have always been a poser. Then came Psychology and Philosophy. I had a small WordPress blog whose tagline was posing questions to a silent universe.’I have always been passionate about these things. There is a lot of creativity and talent hidden in everyone, this blog is going to be a showcase of all my experiments with the things that I love, the things that will make a difference to even a few people reading it and even if not now maybe someday in the future. This is my way of putting a dent in the universe at this point in time. Through the Philosophy section of my blog, I want you to ponder over a few things and introspect. This is the kind of stuff that you’d like to know and share, cause we’re missing out on so many small things and realizations in life that are the root causes of our unhappiness. Keep reading to explore what these things are.

As this was my first post, I only wanted to share why I’m here and what this blog is going to be about. My whole focus was on keeping it simple. This cute little pink dress was the perfect outfit according to me and I hope you like what I’ve created with it. Here are a few pictures:





Also, as you can see I’m new to the blogger world so any suggestions or feedback would be appreciated. Until next time,

Signing off,



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